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Interesting, there were no archive pages for the last like six months. Well, that is resolved now.

I finally put up another piece of The Pocketwatch. I actually pretty much have had the entire overall story figured out for a few weeks now, but I wasn't quite sure how to write this one because I don't want to jump right in to what I have planned so early. I'll probably just get it over with on the next part, though, because there's really not a lot I can do there in the end of the 1500s to delay what is going to happen. The whole of their normal occupation is "go to Object, retrieve Object, store away Object", and without wasting a lot of extra time to make up Objects that won't have any other bearing on the storyline beyond a few I am planning is really just dragging on unnecessarily.

I have a page in my private wiki just detailing various generic Object's (generic named objects, as opposed to things that would have specific names such as signature weapons and such) I've created for Phobia, Spiral Island, and this storyline, made up of some things I joke about, are just part of my distinct look, weird things I've dreamed about, specific things I've written for storyline, and things that just spontaneously popped into my head. As of right now it sits at 34, a small collection compared to say the Holders or The Lost Room sets, but as I've made these in relation to what is going to happen later in The Pocketwatch, I've found myself liking these characters more and more, and furthermore finding their interesting characterizations and associated objects easily slotting in to fill in some big gaps I had in the storyline that will follow the Spiral Island Trilogy. I swear I don't do this on purpose, it just happens naturally, but it continues to surprise me when I end up solving my plot gaps without even noticing.

Date posted: 04 January, 2010
Tags: anacondasoftware holders spiral_island the_pocketwatch writing
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