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At the hospital currently, as my father has had an appendectomy. They were able to do it fine, but it was apparently in a pretty bad state then so its a good thing he didn't wait until longer. 

So in the mean time, I find myself working on The Pocketwatch some more, and once again spending much more time trying to research period clothing then our narrator is taking to describe it. Whatever, the character isn't much for small details anyway, and it gets the low end writing out of my system so whenever I work on the novelization of Spiral Island I have a higher quality of writing to work with.

But aside from that, I had been thinking about wanting to do more with the stuff I was making for this storyline, the various Objects and such I had been coming up with but really wasn't planning on using. I had thought of maybe doing a Metroidvania type game (platform-adventure to use a more generic term), using those objects and various characters from my storylines in a complete parody game, which I might do for fun anyway once Spiral Island is done, but I wanted something more substantial. The problem with that though was how I could do it, preserving all the details I already had, and without breaking the semblance of 'canon' in relation to Spiral Island without messing stuff up. Why I even try, I'm not sure, but probably because it makes things easier to remember, but as such it leaves me with the need to not convolute.

I added another entry the other day to the Object list, after having another dream which gave me something to use. And that dream also made me realize that I had actually had set up the provision to basically do whatever I please here in the modern time, completely ignore having any other effect on the storyline, and have it all fit neatly into canon. Plus, as a bonus, it even gives me provision to solve another gap in the main story.

I dunno, I probably make way too much of a big deal of this. But I think about things WAY too much anyway, so might as well get something useful out of it, and it makes things easier to remember if I don't have to remember simultaneous contradicting points. One day everything will be entered into the wiki so I don't have to keep it all up inside.

Date posted: 13 January, 2010
Tags: personal spiral_island the_pocketwatch writing
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