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The Last Short Tale

Once, there was a country in need of saving. But in saving it, there were casualties. The demon commander. The devil government worker. They had been celebrated as heroes, but because of what they had to become, they were hated and feared once the people no longer needed them. And so they were cast out, finding only comradery in each other for their common plight. They were two outcasts, and an unlikely couple in and of itself formed only of necessity, a demon and a devil.

But the people didn't realize that there was a reason that they had these two gain these powers, and they soon learned just why they needed to fear the demons and the devils. The spiteful pair would not sit in exile for long, and they vowed to get revenge on their country. But they did not simply attack them. No, they went and took leadership over the invaders they had previously fought. And with that enemy under their control, they marched back to their country, and began to slaughter the people. They ran, in terror, knowing fear unlike any they had ever known before.

Finally, the two invaded the castle, killed the royal house, and became king and queen themselves. They then called off the foreign army and sent them home, leaving the kingdom in ruin. The remaining people lived in fear, in sorrow, for they had now learned all to well that it was their own actions and hatred that had led them to the ruin they knew now. The demon king and the devil queen had vowed to return the control of the kingdom to the people once they died of age, but until then the people were to do whatever they wished. And so the people served their king and queen. Fearful, morose, and broken, they awaited the time when they would be free, and silently vowed that they would never show such prejudice again.

Date posted: 24 April, 2010
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