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Another Short Tale

There once was a woman, an agent of her government, who was asked by the people to protect them from the coming invaders. The people wanted her to take on the powers of the devils to help them, but she did not wish to. What they did not know, however, was that she already had the blood of devils in her, from ancestors that had loved and born children of devils. She spent all her life hiding her heritage, and found it horrible now that the people wanted her to use it.

As time went on, however, the invaders grew in number, and the situation of the people grew more dire. She could hide it no longer, her country was in peril, and so she chose to finally accept her devil blood. She used its power to overwhelm the invaders, and they were driven away. The woman was a celebrated hero among her people, but things did not stay that way for long. Since she had released her devil blood, she could not  suppress it any longer, and she soon found herself avoided by others, and then driven out by the people in anger and fear. She retreated into exile, bitter and angry at the people who had begged her to be what they hated her for.

Date posted: 24 April, 2010
Tags: regularspelling
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