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They Need To Be Rounded Up

Its our supervisor's birthday next week, and he's taking the week off for vacation. So my team's been planning a birthday party for tomorrow. One person's been coordinating it, and he got everyone together in an MSN chat today to discuss the plans.

This is what he said:
"ok here is the plan tomorrow I am going to order pizza from Pappa Johns and we have been given the go ahead to eat in the conference room we are going to do this at noon i need someone to pick up the pizza and bring it back we will have cake as well if anyone has any paper plates or plastic untensils they can donate I would greatly appreciate it"

Its painful to read. As Kyle so wittedly replied, "Punctuation?" I'm reminded of a post on Notebook Forums sometime in the past, where a similar punctuation-less post was made, and one member replied "here, I rounded them up for you: ...,,,;!"

This quickly derailed the conversation, as Kyle's MSN comment is currently a line from the new Transformers movie, namely, "I learned Earth languages through the World Wide Web".

The reply, giving the true state of the internet, was "if you learned earth languages through the web, there's no way you know what punctuation is."

Indeed, the internet is not exactly the best place to learn punctuation. Optimus Prime would probably have a line like this:

"Autobots, roll out!!!!111one7!11"


Date posted: 19 July, 2007
Tags: anecdote internet typography
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