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Layout Alteration

Did some changes to the templates to make things more cluttered. Now the sidebar has just the links to everything in the "Regular Spelling" chapter, which is the Text Adventure Experiment, Web Development Gripes, and the new page index link, All Pages. All Pages has the full dedicated page index now (except it doesn't link to itself, because that would be redundant).

Also updated PivotX to 2.1 Beta to get some new tags, and added page navigation to the bottom of each page, to make it much easier to read through the stories page by page. I had wanted to do that originally when I upgraded to PivotX, but there weren't any tags for it yet at that time. PivotX 2.1 also supports comments for pages, apparently, but I'm not going to enable that until 2.1 hits final in case there are any bugs with that.

Date posted: 30 May, 2010
Tags: regularspelling website_design
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