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So my new hard drive in my XPS seems to have developed Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and I have to replace it. Working right now on recovering - painfully slowly, I might add - various random stuff from it (mainly my random collection of downloads I've been building up since I started using Chrome and it saved everything in a folder automatically) so I can easily put everything back once I get the drive replaced. 

I've made it somewhat well known over the years on here that I hate losing stuff, so I made it a point a good while ago to have a good backup policy. As such, all my important work was already backed up, and all that I'm grabbing now is just miscellaneous stuff it would be nice to have, but I can get it back again if I don't have it. All my writing documents I don't even keep on the drive physically, actually, I keep them on an SDHC so I can easily just pop it in my Eee and work on them from that, and that folder - together with the folder with all my programming work - I keep backed up with a utility that came with my Lexar ExpressCard SSDs, and since I never delete anything from that the data there is in little danger of flash write-cycle corruption.

Date posted: 10 June, 2010
Tags: computer personal
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