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Dream Journal Week

I think I'll spend this week posting a dream journal, just talking about what I dream about each morning. From what other people seem to tell me, I tend to dream a lot more unusual, vivid things than other people, and a lot more often. Somehow I don't believe that, to be honest, but it might be I have a much more accurate memory for such things and nearly always remember them, so that may be the real cause of it. 

Regardless, I think this might be a good exercise. I've posted about a few of my random dreams on here before, I posted some more in the Off-Topic section of Notebook Forums, and I've got more still in my scratchpad in my private wiki that have been cuts above the norm and could be made into really good games, but I've never actually kept track of what I dream about in any real way.

Date posted: 11 July, 2010
Tags: dream
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