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Serial Cereal

At the moment, I'm up one hour earlier than my alarm clock is set for, and two hours earlier than I would usually be awake. Earlier in the night, I had some sort of dream involving helping some scifi-ish paramilitary group with... something. I want to say from my mental notes while dreaming that it was remixing some dream I have every so often, but I believe I was dreaming that aspect itself because I don't recall it from any previous point in time. 

Before I woke up, I dreamed I had gone down to my parents basement to get some sort of juice out of storage for a girl I know (that in reality I do not), and then when I came back up from it I noticed that they had gotten some generic store-brand marshmallow cereal and decided to pour me some, and while doing so noticed it was on a huge sale over at Albertsons' (25 cents for a bag) so decided to stop and pick some up on my way back to my apartment. I went to pour myself a bowl of it, poured way to much into the bowl, noticed that someone had left the milk out so it was not very cold, and then when I tried to eat it it all just stuck together in my mouth as I chewed and wouldn't break up so I could swallow it.

Date posted: 12 July, 2010
Tags: dream
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