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So, Writing A Novel

So as I mentioned before, I'm going to spend this month writing a novel since I'm traveling around a bunch. Simply because its easier to do that then to try and focus on a programming task for a little bit, procede to travel somewhere, then have to remember what I was doing and work on getting back to speed and continuing the cycle again and again. 

So the novel I'm working on. The Wristwatch. As I mentioned before, itis a sequel to The Pocketwatch, and a bridge to tie together the two stories and the Grand Game storyline with Spiral Island. It takes place in 2011, during as I mentioned the Cube story and four years after the 'present' events of The Pocketwatch. It will follow the life of a man named Eric Duncan as he gets drawn from the events of the normal world into the paranormal of the Objects and the Grand Game, and cover what's been going on with Medea, David Raynor, and Fiole's Apprentice since the end of the Pocketwatch, as well as what Fiole had done with herself in the mean time since the Apprentice never returned to 1600. 

So will I finish it in a month? Who knows. I type at a good rate, and I have the entire story outlined from beginning to end so I know everything that's happening in a general sense. Making all the specifics is something where I just have to Do It Live, so who knows. If I get it done most definitely it will just be a rough draft that I'll have to then go through and revise, but I'm hoping to get it done in the time. If I do get done early and have some extra time I'll work more on Red Ice for the remaining part of the month before returning to mainly programming. We'll see what happens.

Since I never am in the right position to participate in NaNoWriMo, I think I'll consider August from now on as my personal NoWriMo.

Date posted: 04 August, 2012
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