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  • 2016: The Year I Write 7 Books
    It's been four years now since I started doing NaNoWriMo. In that time I've written five books. Three which were completed, two which were not, and one of which was writte
  • So, Writing A Novel
    So as I mentioned before , I'm going to spend this month writing a novel since I'm traveling around a bunch. Simply because its easier to do that then to try and focus on
  • Reboot
    So it's been a while. A long while. Six months in fact since I last posted on here. Not dead, obviously, given how active I've been on Twitter. But this had been put on th
  • The Orb
    "Raynor here," the man said as he answerd his phone. He listened to the report being given to him by the person on the other end of the line, and began to frown as he real
  • The Pedestal
    The Bearer continued to laugh, as he held up the remote toward the wall and pressed another button. The walls came to life, revealing many large television screens, some o
  • The Cube
    The man held forward the cube, the side for Earth facing them, and the symbol began to glow. They all looked at Earth, as suddenly glowing bands appeared around her wrist,
  • The Bearer
    The car raced loud, wild, down the highway through the dead of night, as they hurried franticly to their destination. The meeting between the four had been, she thought, a
  • The Water
    It was just about time. The man stood in the darkened room, waiting patiently for the last person to arrive. Behind him was his associate, Air, standing next to the young
  • The Air
    The woman walked slowly into the bleak, concrete room, and flopped down on a ragged, worn out couch. The ruse was beginning to wear on her, and she didn't know how much lo
  • The Earth
    The young woman sat up, carefully, and looked around. There was dim light coming in through a crack in the wall near the ceiling, but she couldn't tell from it whether it
  • The Fire
    The young man fumbled with his keys, struggling to find the right one that would open his door and let him in to his apartment. He longed to be inside, where he could at l

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