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Charlie Gordon

Alright, written Rorschach test time. What's the first thing that comes to mind reading the abbreviation "BKCN SHT CAKE"

Go ahead, I'll wait. The page I'm trying to go to in another window doesn't seem to be loading anytime soon.

Anyway, I went to the store to get some change on Saturday, and picked up a Vanilla Coke so I had something to get the cash back on (and I love Vanilla Coke, so glad they brought that back). As I waited, I saw the screen for the cash register, and an item that said "BKCN SHT CAKE".

I hadn't seen the cake yet, and my mind certainly didnt turn it into a very appetizing sounding phrase.

Even after seeing the plain sheet cake that the person ahead of me bought, I'm still not sure what "BKCN" is supposed to stand for.

Date posted: 10 September, 2007
Tags: anecdote words
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