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  • Sanity Check
    The word of the day is logorrhoea , a perfectly hilarious and fitting word to describe such an annoying behavior.
  • List Mess
    Every so often if I need to try and find something I've written, but not sure what document I've written it in, I'll just go through every document until I find it. Doing
  • Intensive Intent
    I've noticed recently a trend of improper expression use. Particularly, the expression "for all intents and purposes." For some reason I guess a number of people are heari
  • AIM Talk
    So I just remembered Sony Ericsson phones have built-in functions for posting photographs onto Google's Blogger service. I had started setting it up some time ago, then co
  • The Zompire
    The Zompire has risen. Zombies everywhere will no longer stand alone, will no longer be oppressed by the humans, vampyres, and demons, and will stand together to prove how
  • w00t!
    Last week, Merriam-Webster voted 'w00t' as word of the year, and assigned it an official definition for their online dictionary. w00t (interjection) expressing joy (it cou
  • Backlog
    Wow, this makes a grand total of three entries on here so far this month, I've been slacking. Not that I haven't been busy, I've been setting up my working environment in
  • Two Strikes
    I usually tend to avoid searching for lyrics on the internet, as lyrics sites are some of the most banner-ridden, popup-ridden, spyware-infested sites out there, but occas
  • Pretentious
    The word of the day is pretentious . Hilarity ensues.
  • Internet Speak
    Since I was first introduced to it, I've been a big fan of the .hack series. For those not familiar with it, at its core it is a series of video games for the PS2, with st
  • A Failure
    Buying the mouse I mentioned yesterday isn't my only current activity on eBay. I also have a pile of some Pokemon TCG singles from the latest set that I had intended on li
  • City Notoriety
    A few days ago I noticed that Blender has started experimental support for 3D devices, or rather devices with six degrees of freedom. Back in December when I first bought
  • Mission Complete: Hard Mode Unlocked
    I've seen some interesting things over the years in e-mail. Most of it is spam, so it's not really worth mentioning because its garbage designed to bypass spam filters. Bu
  • Charlie Gordon
    Alright, written Rorschach test time. What's the first thing that comes to mind reading the abbreviation "BKCN SHT CAKE" Go ahead, I'll wait. The page I'm trying to go to
  • Caution: English Construction Next 5 Miles
    At my work theres a guy who often mispronounces the names of things. Usually its nothing to bother with, but occasionally some unusual words are created by him. Today he w
  • Pronunciation Sandwich
    GameTrailers has been doing retrospectives of the Final Fantasy series over the last month or so, from the beginning. I haven't seen the last couple that came out while I
  • You?
    So right now there's a Nerd Quiz floating around the Off-Topic end of Notebook Forums. The highest so far has been a score of 85, I got 65 myself. One particular member of
  • Then There Was Than
    As if a sign of how prevalent mistakes are in our language, the How-To of the Day a few days ago was How to Use Than and Then . Good advice, they aren't really that hard t
  • Letter Order
    TIP: When abbreviating, the abbreviations come from the first letter of each word, in the order that the words are provided. Thus, the following line, which I just set as
  • Buried Treasure
    In High School, I kept a notebook for stuff related to the AnacondaSoftware title Spiral Island. This is a white notebook, with a sheet slid in the front with the Spiral I
  • Too Late, Can't Think
    I'm in training all this week, from 3PM to 11:30PM. On normal days, I go to bed at the time I'm just getting home. So I haven't had the chance to think of anything to writ
  • Unfamiliar Words
    I didn't have much in the way of spelling mistakes to work with the last couple of days, and I didn't want to go back and look for them. The real interesting thing about t

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