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A Month Mostly Wasted

Back in 2004, while bored at work during the Halloween season, I started writing a ghost story. I didn't finish it then, I only barely got started. I had decided at that time, I didn't want to continue it after Halloween, as the mood was different, so I had put it off for the next year. I got a little more done on it in 2005, but not much. In 2006, I didn't get any work done on it. And, so far this month, I haven't gotten anything done on it this year either. And now the month is nearly over, and I don't really have much time in it to work on it any more.

The story doesn't really have a title, but it is dubbed Celebration, for the opening line and the name of the file. The opening line, "The air was not silent, for it was filled with celebration.", came from a telephone conversation I had during Independence Day celebrations earlier that year. More specifically, I had to go outside and check on something and the fireworks people were setting off was making it hard to hear what was being said, so I quipped that line. The person I was talking to thought it would be an awesome way to start a story, and once I got back inside I started a document and wrote down that simple line, until I could come up with something later.

The story follows my general writing avatar, James Millen. In this story he's works for a small real estate firm doing paperwork, a part time job while putting himself through college. The story centers around a house they are trying to buy to fix up and sell, that's sat empty for ten years because of a police investigation that was never closed and released. Since I haven't released much more of the details then that, I'll end the description at that point so you can read what I have done up to this point.

Date posted: 24 October, 2007
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