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Two Strikes

I usually tend to avoid searching for lyrics on the internet, as lyrics sites are some of the most banner-ridden, popup-ridden, spyware-infested sites out there, but occasionally they're necessary. However this search wasn't particularly for looking up the lyrics to a song.

I don't remember exactly what I was looking for for sure, but it was related to the band Dragonforce. At around page three I came to a lyrics page for their bonus track "Where Dragons Rule". So I decided to stop in, because the recording is rather low quality, so I was curious about some of the lines. However, as soon as I entered, this glaring statement popped out at me:

Visitors: 102 visitors have hited Where Dragons Rule Lyrics since Feb 12, 2007.

"Hited", spelled completely wrong. It should be "hitted"...

...That is, if "hitted" was a real word either.

If you can't trust a site's own scripts to tell you correct things, how are you supposed to be able to trust the lyrics on the site? Not to mention the popups I got from that site...

And, on a slightly related note. If you're wondering about my comment about the song being low quality, the version of the song in that video is different than the copy I have. The lines are different in a few places too. I have honestly never heard that version until just now when I was looking up a Youtube video to link. This music video linked here has the version of the song I have, which I thought after much searching was the only version of the song.

Date posted: 13 November, 2007
Tags: internet music words
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