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A Moment of Silence

Christopher and David's mother passed away this week. With great respect, I will reproduce her obituary here.

Denise Barton Beckstrom 11/13/1956~11/25/2007 -- Denise Barton Beckstrom passed away November 25, 2007 surrounded by her loving family. Denise was born November 13, 1956 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Gordon and Marjorie Barton. She was a proud mother of two sons and one grandchild. She spent the final years of her life in the same neighborhood that she grew up in and loved. She blessed those around her with a kind and giving spirit, and with her wonderful musical talents.

Obituary Link

She has left a great legacy, and will be missed by all who knew her.

Date posted: 30 November, 2007
Tags: memoir personal
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