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A short guide to lolcats

Originating in the depths of the internet, on a day of the week known as Caturday, now you can see the "lolcats" everywhere, permeating every nook and cranny of the internet and taking over as a supplement to internet speak. It can be found in translations of the Bible, and even its own programming language! Poor spelling aside, here's a couple aspects of it's structure:

All objects are plural: internets, pies, books, most everything singular is plural, especially referring to posessives.

All verps are present tense: the only forms of the be-verb in use usually are "is, are, and being", other verbs become such as "has", and so on. in some cases "ed" is added onto the end to mutate it into a shoddy present tense verb, such as "eated" or "breaked"

There's some more idiosyncrasies to it, but those are the general rules to the grammatical structure of the language.

Date posted: 23 November, 2007
Tags: internet linguistic
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