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The Zompire


The Zompire has risen. Zombies everywhere will no longer stand alone, will no longer be oppressed by the humans, vampyres, and demons, and will stand together to prove how powerful an undead force they are.

No longer will a zombie have to hide. No longer will a zombie be in fear of walking about, the ever-present threat of crowbars and shotguns present. No longer will they be passed off as simply another threat. They will stand firm, stand strong, and stand smelly.

As the Publicist for the Zompire, I advise you people that you should not resist, the Zompire will be taking over.


Note: The above was the culmination of a humorous conversation that began with me accidentally combining the words "zombie" and "vampyre" together into the word "zompire", followed by Kyle misinterpreting it as a contraction of "zombie" and "empire".

Note 2: Yes, I spelled it "vampyre", I always spell it with a 'y'.

Date posted: 02 January, 2008
Tags: anecdote words
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