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Close, But No Cigar

I've mentioned a couple times things about Vista's Voice Recognition and Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and some of their quirks. I haven't actually shown a direct comparison of them, so I decided to do that.

I decided to take a recording that was almost all speech, and play it with the microphone set to loopback, to compare the two. I got the assistance of Krayzie for this since he uses Dragon, and I did the Vista. I chose as my test file one of the Woot podcasts that I had saved. So here are the results:

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Vista Speech Recognition

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Not close to each other, and, frankly, not close to the original. But quite interesting nonetheless, to see what the different engines could get. For comparison, luckily the original podcast is still available for download.

Date posted: 18 January, 2008
Tags: internet voice_recognition
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