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Had a run out to Wendover for a friends birthday last night, and didn't get home until 5 AM. Got little sleep, so I am very tired.

I went and saw Sweeney Todd over the weekend, a film starring Jonny Depp adapating a musical about a serial killer barber and her accomplice Mrs. Lovett who would use the bodies as meat for her meat pie shop. The visuals of the film weren't overly impressive to me, but I liked the music very much, I had bought the soundtrack later that evening.

One of the things I've found particularly interesting is Mrs. Lovett's character compared to Sweeney. When I was in Elementary school I was involved in a couple of musicals put on my my school, playing an extra in the chorus for My Fair Lady, and then playing Mr. Banks in Mary Poppins. One of the things that had to be done is to emulate their accents, and in particular of My Fair Lady, which focuses on linguistics, both the Cockney accents of the street patrons and the proper English accents of the higher societies at the races and the ball. As they're played, Sweeney has a much more proper English accent, consistent throughout, but Mrs. Lovett's got a Cockney accent, and it seems to vary from act to act how much of it the actress is using.

Date posted: 17 January, 2008
Tags: accents movies personal
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