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Another Voice Redux

I didn't realize how often we have British actors playing American parts in movies before, really. I've talked about this before, with Hugh Laurie's role in House, I had never known he was British until I saw an interview with him on TV.

Most recently I've observed this in the new film 21, starring Jim Sturgess, about some college students in MIT card counting to make big money at Blackjack in Vegas. Jim Sturgess in this is playing an American, so speaking with a northeastern US accent. Watching it, not considering him himself and having seen him talk with his regular accent, it's hard to tell that's not how he normally speaks. If I hadn't seen Across the Universe beforehand, I would have no idea that Jim Sturgess was British.

Along the same lines is Joe Anderson, who also played in Across the Universe. I'm just now watching the extras for the movie for the first time (another topic for another time), and only now realized he was British. He plays in that movie with a Jersey accent, and until seeing him talk in the commentary, I would never have guessed that it was not his regular accent.

Date posted: 27 April, 2008
Tags: accents movies
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