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Finally done with training, so now I am finally back to a normal work schedule, instead of working until midnight or later.

Just to update what I've been up to, I spent most of today updating the templates I'm using here to switch over to PivotX when a final version is finally released. There's a few things I need to tweak still that aren't working yet, but it will be ready. I also noticed, in this process that the individual entry pages have the links list twice, on the right where it is supposed to be, and also on the left instead of the About box. I'm not going to bother fixing it on the current Pivot template, but it will be fixed when I update to PivotX.

Other than that, not much for now. I finally posted an update to Skewed, and now I'm past the point where I was getting stuck because it was weak. It actually ended up a little better then I originally expected, rereading the card in StoryLines and the previous parts for Gregory and Yukito showed me it actually had more to do then I thought it would have and also something I actually needed to cover, so it didn't end up being a total throwaway section. Now I'm going to spend a little time arranging some cards I had sitting unfiled, because I know more of where the third act of this story is going so I can place some of them.

I'm also liking the fact that Writers Café has a Linux version, which I had forgotten about earlier until I was checking for updates to my Windows version while working on the templates earlier. I had set up a VMware virtual machine with Ubuntu on quickly to run Apache so I could host the PivotX beta and work on the templates, and I threw the Linux versions on there. Works perfectly, exactly the same as the Windows version. It's nice to have my tools available in both Linux and Windows.

Also, finally a version of WordPerfect is out that supports OpenDocument, so I can finally switch back to WordPerfect over OpenOffice, but still keep my documents in ODF format and portable to other people. It doesn't use the Text Services Framework for it's text area though, unfortunately, meaning I can't use the full Vista Speech Recognition functions with it either, instead being stuck with the lackluster "Dictate Anywhere" function.

Date posted: 20 April, 2008
Tags: personal skewed software voice_recognition website_design
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