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  • Persona
    Well, Windows 7 is officially released now. Unlike when Vista was released, I won't be switching to 7 immediately. My desktop is slowly spiraling to it's death, so I'm goi
  • The Ad Is A Spy
    Unlike most people on the internet, I understand the importance of advertising revenue for a website, and I don't use AdBlock. I don't mind seeing an ad, and sometimes the
  • Referral Remix
    Some time back, I was just reminded, Notebook Forums ran a contest. The contest was meant to bring in new members, and revolved around the forum's referral system. What yo
  • Lock Released
    For whatever reason, some time ago Google changed their AdSense policy and I needed to reverify my account settings or it would be disabled. Until this was confirmed, my a
  • Psoriasis?
    Sometimes I wonder how Google's ads work. Like just now, when I came on here and the ad it was showing was for something concerning "psoriasis." I didn't even know what th

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