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  • (Very) Slowly Moving Forward
    So at this point I'm going to have to get a new car. The other day I went to drive up to Idaho for Thanksgiving and my poor 95 Sable  wouldn't shift into 3rd (non-OD Freew
  • Brief
    Just a short note here. My cousin's currently replacing the transmission in my car, so I'll have my car working again soon.
  • Melting
    I have nothing coherent to say today. Our A/C is not working, and my brain is melting. Prepring to use my Holder power to try and cool things down around here. I would go
  • Weird Dream
    As I've mentioned several times in the past, I get a lot of my ideas from various dreams. I haven't really had many dreams lately that were very interesting, so I could re
  • That's My Name
    About a month or so I had to replace my car. Not like it was a big expense, I was rear-ended last November with my previous car, and it was declared totaled by the insuran

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