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About a month or so I had to replace my car. Not like it was a big expense, I was rear-ended last November with my previous car, and it was declared totaled by the insurance company of the guy who hit me. They sent me the check and it was done, but I was still driving it around so didn't do anything with it yet, wasn't imperative that I go out and replace it at the time.

Then it died up in Idaho while my mother borrowed it for a trip. That made it pretty imperative at that point.

So I found a car, a 1995 Mercury Sable that was pretty much the exact price as the insurance payout. My previous car was a 1991 Sable, so I knew how the car handled and was pretty pleased. This new Sable required some additional work, particularly a part in the transmission and the speedometer needle in the instrument panel had a problem, which would make the needle bounce around. Two separate problems, two separate behaviors, and both had to be replaced. After that repair was said and done, some other minor things started magically working, like my right break light when the headlights were turned off and my emergency flashers, neither of which worked when I got it.

I didn't particularly know when the last regular maintenance was done on it, however. So I decided to take it to Jiffy Lube today to get the oil changed and the other things checked, so I could start keeping track of things for a maintenance schedule.

I go there, they start working on my car and one of them starts entering information about me into their database. My name and address, the make, model, and year of the car, and mileage.

He starts with my last name. Now my last name is spelled "Cheney", and pronounced "Chaney". Because of that, it's often spelled wrong, though not so much since Bush and Cheney went into office, since the same pronunciation is true for Dick Cheney's name. I've just gotten used to spelling it after giving it though, leaving him no room for ambiguity.

Next he moves to my first name. I give it to him, and watch him type in "Danial"


I've never even seen that spelling before. "Daniel" is a really common name. In fact there are at least 6 Daniel's at my work, 3 of which, including me, all sit within a relatively close area, making it difficult to get the right person to respond if you just call out "Daniel". But I've never seen the name Danial in people I knew, or other people's records. So, where did he get Danial?

I corrected him, he corrected the spelling and finished entering the information. I go back to waiting for them to finish, then when they're done go pay. Everything is done, and I leave.

My name's Daniel, not Denial.

Date posted: 26 May, 2007
Tags: anecdote cars names
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