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GameTrailers has been doing retrospectives of the Final Fantasy series over the last month or so, from the beginning. I haven't seen the last couple that came out while I was in Hawaii, so Kyle and I were talking about it earlier and he mentioned that he thought they pronounced some names strangely. Pronouncing Yuffie different than the officially established pronunciation (in Kingdom Hearts, and I think her name was said in Advent Children as well), and some of the FF9 characters. When he came to the subject of Freya, their pronunciation was correct and his was wrong, as they pronounce the name as Norse mythology has it pronounced.

A simple interpretation of pronunciation can be rather difficult in the English language, since there are so many different languages that root it. One example today was on Notebook Forums, where I derived a similar pronunciation to a Reuben sandwich from the word "ruberish", a rather odd misspelling of "rubbish." Later 'r' ignored, the mere removal of a 'b' changes the sound from a "ruh" to a "roo".

Which leaves me wondering if you use ruberish to make reuben sandiches.

Date posted: 22 August, 2007
Tags: pronunciation video_games words
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