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  • Drug Induced
    When I was little, I was diagnosed with ADHD. I had taken several different prescriptions for it, up until about 8th grade where I more or less just quit and managed it wi
  • Citation Needed
    One of the benefits of Wikipedia is that it can be edited by anyone. This is one of the major arguments about it, of course, and can cause a lot of troubles, however, it a
  • A Little Carried Away
    As I've mentioned before , I use a MediaWiki installation to organize my AnacondaSoftware projects. I'm about to announce a new project on the DevBlog, once a particular m
  • A Wrong Turn, Somewhere...
    So, after I created this site, I altered my MSN title to contain information about it. I changed it to "The Anaconda -" Except replace "RegularSpelling

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