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A Little Carried Away

As I've mentioned before, I use a MediaWiki installation to organize my AnacondaSoftware projects. I'm about to announce a new project on the DevBlog, once a particular mod for phpBB 3 gets released to replace the function I was using in Coranto to cross-post my news items on the AnacondaSoftware site on the forum under phpBB 2. So in the mean time, I've been doing some organizing of my pages on that wiki into their categories, and filling in some information.

One of the reasons I love wiki's so much is because of the simplicity of cross-linking articles, with the Mediawiki coding style in particular. Throw up a couple brackets around a word, maybe a pipe if you want to link to a different article that the word is, and bam, linked to another page, with the ability to create that page when following the link if it's not already existing. The problem comes, though, if you just leave them for later, continuing on to come to them later, you will end up building up a lot of dead links. At the moment in my development wiki, I have a total of 65 pages. However, I have a total of 120 non-existing pages, nearly twice the number of pages that exist.

It will take a little time to clear down that number, and making those pages will just create new dead links too, properly filling the pages out. And the cycle continues.

Date posted: 06 March, 2008
Tags: anacondasoftware website_design wiki writing
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