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Unholy Holy Water

With the update today for Skewed, I think we can now appropriately more or less mark the midpoint of the story. Revealing the true purpose of the Storm, which has been one of the two major factors that existed since the very beginning of the story, has put it at a major milestone now. If you haven't read the update yet and don't want to be spoiled, go read that first, because I'm going to talk about it here now.

When I started writing Skewed, I didn't particularly have anything specific in mind for what the Storm would be. I will do this occasionally, starting a story referring to something that I will figure out later. It wasn't until last November, while watching a British miniseries called Eleventh Hour, starring Patrick Stewart. I had never heard of the concept of heavy water before, though I had heard of deuterium and was familiar with it for use in nuclear fusion, rather then the use of it for producing fuel for nuclear fission. I had known it could be extracted from primarily seawater, however I didn't know the molecules had a different effect on the properties of the water.

With this post reached I've hit a major goal for now, combined with the finishing of all the major functions of the map editor I'm writing for Spiral Island. My goal was actually to get this post out a week or so ago, when I was doing another update blitz, and then focusing solely on knocking together all the maps for Spiral Island before going back to work more on Skewed again. However a bit of a block for the update with the New Standard, as well as some problems getting the last of my functions working for the map editor ended up pushing it back until now. Plus it's coming up on October again, so time to work on some more of "Celebration" if I can fit some in this time.

Date posted: 24 September, 2008
Tags: celebration skewed television
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