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So I just remembered Sony Ericsson phones have built-in functions for posting photographs onto Google's Blogger service. I had started setting it up some time ago, then couldn't find some of the information for finishing setting it up. I just remembered it tonight while updating my Blogger settings for commenting on blogs, and so I decided to finish setting it up. Now it's all set up, so I can push pictures over whenever I feel like it. I'll have to add a link to that blog page on here when I update to PivotX, I don't really have anything on there at the moment except for some test sendings.

One of the things that comes with communication over the internet is a breakdown of language. Spelling drops, acronyms and internet speak abound, and general readability becomes harder for someone who's not from the internet. However, I've never actually seen anyone recognize this and say anything about it generally. Today at work, however, while having a conversation with someone, I had someone actually say something about it.

Their language was littered with words dropped to single letters, misspellings, and general overabundance of internet language. At one point in the conversation, the person I guess realized what they were doing, and ended up apologizing. More specifically, at that point they added "sorry to tlk so AIM". It was a rather surprising statement to me, not only because they realized that it might be hard to read, but the unusual name they gave to it. It actually took me a few moments of rereading the statement before I realized what they meant, simply because it was such an unexpected term.

Date posted: 23 September, 2008
Tags: internet linguistic spelling words
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