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Finite Infinity - Two Universes

The next chapter starts off with them trying to find there way into destiNATION following Bob Gorilla, utilizing the Kilroy virus that was build to bridge the interface. They discover the downloader app used to send stuff into the Matrix does not function properly in destiNATION, so have to come up with a diffrent way of sending items there for support. They meet up with one of the tour guides in Otherland by the name of Lain, who shows them around.

This one I really didn't have any structure to, just a few things I wanted to throw in. The main concept here follows a mysterious controversy, a series of murders that had started since they had come into destiNATION, but were not by Bob Gorilla. The groups split up into different configurations exploring the place trying to find Bob, and at one point The Anaconda and Aura go into the .hack copy MMO that exists there, and helps out a player named Exelia to fight Skeith. The Anaconda then goes back later and learns from the actor playing Skeith that Exelia was running a friend of hers through the Skeith mission, when suddenly the muderer showed up and killed Exelia. The murderer was Kite.

In the mean time Aura goes to a world based off the OS-tan concept, where she is attacked by someone with Agent access that had leeched onto Vista-tan. She discovers this person was a program originally built to manage the bandwidth issues, but was scrapped in favor of The World. After draining that person, she meets up with a man filling the role of Windows Update in this world, who is one of the main designers of destiNATION and was using that zone as his own private hideout. After getting back with The Anaconda, trying to figure out about this Kite that was clearly from the .hack//GU E3 trailer, the man reveals he has Harvester data of CyberConnect 2 at the end of that iteration of the Matrix, which he was storing away to eventually process and get that full series. They set up a zone to run it at high speed.

Eventually they find Bob Gorilla, and drag him back to the Matrix. They hold him in The World in a new Root Town that was under construction, Kappa Server, which was to be an arena root town built in a dormant volcano crater. On their way out The Anaconda gets information from the CC2 zone about another trailer, which called this zombie Kite "Tri-Edge", but getting little more info. He speaks with Morganna when he gets back, who says she had seen that one sneaking around for a while, and the player Kite had quit the game some time ago. She suspects the Kite was built by the Architect. Joe Monkey ends up having a final battle with Bob Gorilla, and finally defeats him for good.

Date posted: 06 October, 2008
Tags: ties_to_infinity
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