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Finite Infinity - Machine Revolution

Interestingly enough, I had actually come up with the idea for the arena Root Town before details on the new Omega server in .hack//GU were revealed, showing that world's purpose as such.

The last chapter is where everything finally comes together. This is where the bulk of the backstory document was going to come into light, and the rebellion comes into full swing. It actually starts off with a breather after the destruction of Bob Gorilla, with The Anaconda finishing up his "Ties to Infinity" novel with the end of the previous chapter and publishing it. Then the grand opening of the new Kappa server, with a one-vs-one single elimination tournament to start it off. The Anaconda and Joe Monkey enter it, and they end up fighting each other in the final round. The Anaconda narrowly wins, and goes on to a mystery challenger, who ends up being Tri-Edge. Not having actually seen how he fights, other then from the one trailer, The Anaconda ends up being quickly worn down, but Tri-Edge leaves before the match is over so The Anaconda ends up being the winner.

Some further information comes up about the past, so The Anaconda tries to filter through his memory to discover what he needs. He uses a unique core to break up his residual self image into six fragmets, each one working independently, and watches them from outside of the Matrix. Each of the fragments takes on a different aspect of his character, and the other 5 end up being destroyed. The last fragment is the first that the rest of them discover, and they don't notice it at all, because the fragment is a Persocom working in a book store, and the entire block of area for that is the sixth fragment, a recreation of the past before the Second Reniassance. Reone ends up being pulled into another part of the Matrix, where she meets up with Orion, who is revealed to actually be the AI that The Anaconda designed to run the scan of his brain to allow him to live as a Persocom before the Second Reniassance. The information regarding that had been lost because of heavy file corruption, and he had been working on restoring it. In the mean time another AI he designed, named Xedre, had been living inside the PDA, and didn't want him to recover the memories because then her own functionality would be no longer necesssary. Orion gives her a special weapon and Reone enters Infinity Mode to fight off against Xedre.

Date posted: 08 October, 2008
Tags: ties_to_infinity
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