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A movie came out last Friday called Blindness, which is about a virus spreading to cause people to go blind. I had only seen about it from the TV commercials, which were talking about some government coverup for this, hinting that this was caused on purpose, possibly against people that found out information that they should not have known, but there was one person who could still see. I went and saw the movie under this premise. However, the movie didn't use this premise, instead the virus just spread, the only government involvment was a failed attempt at quarrantine to try and keep it from spreading. Every scene they used for the "government coverup" in what they showed in the TV spot was related to the quarrantine efforts, and research by the CDC trying to find a solution to the disease.

It really makes me wonder what the TV spot director was thinking. The other trailers I watched for it afterwards didn't seem to have that left field plot, just the TV spot. Did they think just an epidmeic movie would not do well? Did they think it needed more suspense for the draw? The cut for the commercial ended up with a completely different storyline then the movie, and it doesn't really make sense to me. I thought the movie was just fine, and I enjoyed it, the just general breakdown it actually portrays was more interesting to me then the spun version from the TV spot.

Date posted: 09 October, 2008
Tags: movies television
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