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So so far I haven't done any work on Skewed except for one half of a fairly large part, so I'm going to have to get more squared away. This can be directly attributed to the fact I've been sleeping so much, though. I've got to finish that by end of December, and then get a new remake of the main AnacondaSoftware website out.

I haven't really played anymore Shogi since the last time I talked about learning it. My plan was after I won my first match, which I had saved in the PSP game I was using so I could write down the move list to analyze later, I just hadn't gotten to it yet. And apparently it took even longer for my subconcious to get around to it, because I only just barely had a dream with some relation to Shogi a few days ago. Very long delay.

Date posted: 11 December, 2008
Tags: anacondasoftware skewed video_games website_design
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