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Progressive Conciousness

Generally, when you dream, you tend to only remember the last dream you had, because your mind recycles any of the earlier ones. However, if you are awakened, and awakened multiple times, then you can get a set of multiple dreams through a night that you can remember.

This is how my morning went. The first dream I had, I could remember much more earlier in the morning, but by now most of it has faded. From what I do remember, I was at some location that some local beauty contest was going on, and I was just sitting there in the waiting room working on something on my XPS and chatting with the girls. Eventually they all had gone in to the event and so I wandered elsewhere in the building, to a room that ended up being a remote location for my work. So I was called in to help in an emergency and was trying to figure out how to pull up the tools on my own computer, when my manager had to put me as the order processing for the drive through of a restaurant that was the actual place that we were working in. I fumbled through the register and menus of this for 2 orders, before getting too frustrated and just walking out.

At this point I was awakened by noise in my apartment, and after it had settled down I was able to get back to sleep. The second dream I had I don't really remember much about. It had something to do with some of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation clashing with Star Wars on the Death Star, and in particular Data fighting some automatic defense systems with rotary sawblades on moving arms. I was awakened again shortly after that, and so that was the end of that one.

At the third one I was back in my parents home again, and was awakened from my bed there by my dog. We were preparing for some trip up to Idaho, and while everyone was getting ready I decided I should start a dream journal. I found an appropriate book, which apparently had dreams in it from previous that I had written down and forgotten about. I then proceeded to write down what had happened in my first two dreams of the night, and had gotten a lot more of the details of that first dream, which as I mentioned are more faded for me now, maybe for that reason. I then in the process of getting ready set my XPS bag in the door of our folding camping trailer while searching for some stuff in it, and proceeded to forget about it, only remembering that it was still there after we had been on the road for a while and considering taking the car and going back down once we had arrived to retrieve it, hoping it wouldn't get stolen (although a closed folding trailer would be a highly unlikely place to look for stuff).

After waking up again from other noise in my apartment, I tried getting back to sleep again, again reviewing the events of the first dream so I could remember them all (a futile effort in the end). While doing this a technical support call started up in my mind with someone from a foreign country, and I tried rolling over in bed and clearing my mind because I didn't want to think about work on my day off and wanted to go back to sleep. As it turned out I was actually back asleep again already, because a phone call to my manager had revealed that I had apparently telepathically logged into my phone at work, and started a call and was communicating with the phone telepathically from my apartment. Furthermore, some strange contract thing indicated that I had to come in to finish the call, because the guy wouldn't hang up or talk to someone else, so I ended up having to go into work so I could bring up the tools and log the call, and figure out whatever the guy was talking about.

And there you go, a look into multiple dreams from a night. I wish I could actually remember all the details of the first dream which I had remembered earlier in the morning, because I do remember there was a lot more details there and some things that could be useful for other works.

Date posted: 14 December, 2008
Tags: computer dream travel
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