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Posting through Live Writer from Windows Seven again, mainly because I've been having some server issues all night and so I can just hold the draft here and post it later if it's down.

I haven't really been up to doing a lot lately. I've mainly been just goofing off, and trying to do some planning. I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off to take care of stuff and try and get moving again. If all goes according to plan, I'll have an update for Skewed finally, and have my main character sprite for Spiral Island. Which will be interesting, considering I am quite inept at drawing, so turning out something useful will be a challenge. If I have some time as well, I need to try and get some things cleaned up with my templates on here, and try and do something for a revamp of the AnacondaSoftware website.

So we'll see what happens, and I will go into things more at that time. In the mean time, it is incredibly foggy outside tonight.

Date posted: 23 January, 2009
Tags: anacondasoftware personal skewed software
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