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Posting from Linux right now, using BloGTK. I would just do it from the website, but Firefox is clashing with my color scheme settings and is making all the forms on the site white text on white background (or if I reverse the colors with Compiz, black text on black background). The Firefox plugin ScribeFire was no help, doing the same thing. This utility works well enough, so I'll run with it. Setting that all aside for now.

I'm working on a story right now, and, as I haven't worn any rings for some time, I had to look up which hand is for generic rings and which hand is reserved for wedding bands. Apparently it's a much more complex answer than I thought, with some countries doing the opposite of others. In general, though, tradition around here is wedding band on left hand.

What gets me, though, is one particular site. Or, more specifically, what gets me is what they have to do to explain the concept to people. This excerpt in particular:

So in the old days they had a simple answer: they put the ring on the third finger which they believed had a vein, artery or nerve (a sort of a USB cable) running directly to the heart.

A USB cable. That's the description they have to use for a nerve. Is the modern generation such that they are so technologically capable (a highly debatable point, but set that aside), but so biologically inept, that in order for them to understand the concept of the nervous system, we have to resort to having to explain it by using parallels to computers?

Nevermind the fact that USB is generally for expansion through external devices, something humans are hardly capable of biologically.

Date posted: 12 March, 2009
Tags: internet red_ice software
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