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Windows 7 RC

Now the Windows 7 Release Candidate is out for public consumption. I decided that I would install this one on my desktop as well, utilizing 80 GB I have laying around doing nothing holding a dead Linux partition.

So far, on my desktop, I've had an issue with it randomly completely locking up the machine. I'm still trying to narrow it down to what the cause is. On my notebook, with the Beta version every other boot or so the keyboard and touchpad didnt work, I have installed the RC on there but haven't used it enough to see if it is fixed yet.

I did send in a few bug reports with Windows 7 Beta, the keyboard and mouse thing one of them. The one that has bothered me the most, however, is a bug with thumbnails and the Photo Viewer. Since I collect a ton of pictures from the internet - japanese art, funny pictures, etc - I have a massive collection of images. A bug that started with Vista exists where for some pictures it will neither load the thumbnail correctly nor show it correctly in Photo Viewer, instead stretching it out to really tall vertically and only a few pixels wide. This ends up making it impossible to tell what the picture is trying to browse through pictures without opening it up in some other software.

I sent in this report with some example pictures, IIRC specifically a picture of Samus Aran and a picture of Old Snake grabbing Link from Zelda Wind Waker. As of 7 RC, they fixed the thumbnail view problem, so it renders thumbnails correctly, but the Photo Viewer aspect of the problem remains. And, unfortunately, since it is RC phase, they took out the bug reporting functions. I sent in another report using Beta's function indicating that it continues in RC, but at this point it probably won't be seen before 7 RTM. I'm hoping they catch it though since it should be a simple enough fix.

Date posted: 05 May, 2009
Tags: personal software video_games
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