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  • Different, For Lack of the Same
    The man worked at his desk Minding his own business The others didn't bother him Because he got the work done He did not need supervision He did not need help Several knew
  • Different Again
    I stand here, ever watching Watching in the forest of dreams The life here, the trees here They know me well For me, they bring me songs Songs of the sky And the birds tha
  • Frozen History
    Now, I could have sworn that I wrote an entry about the closing of GeoCities, because I distinctly remember doing it.... Oh nevermind, that was done a lot further back  th
  • Virtual News
    The quote of the day today on my iGoogle page is "Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one", by A. J. Liebling , a journalist for The New Yorker from the mid 3
  • The Bard sRc
    To bring everything to head, we'll recap the story so far. Ever since I started on the internet, all the way back in '97, I was known by the alias "The Anaconda". But, rec
  • Continually Different
    I stand here, watching the man He cannot see me, But this is the only place we exist together He is telling of his past, of the place he works His desk was a store, That r
  • Incorrect History
    Time is what we make of it. The past is how we recorded it. We cannot prove, after all, that the past exists, we only have the relics left from it. If it is not recorded,
  • New Alexandria
    What if the world were to end tomorrow? It doesn't really matter how , that's not important. It could be neutron bombs, it could be a pandemic disease, but for whatever re
  • The End of History
    So Yahoo has announced that they are pulling the plug on GeoCities, one of the earliest free web hosting sites on the internet. It's been years, and fallen by the wayside,
  • Archival
    What if the world were to end tomorrow? What if everyone suddenly died from some mysterious thing, and there was nothing left. There wouldn't be any point in talking about
  • Call Sign
    I've talked about the Internet Archive once before . It keeps a history of the internet, as well as collections of text, images, audio, and video, in a publicly accessible
  • Something Different (Continued)
    The roads forced him down a new path A path he didn't normally travel Yet, As he went along the road, something was familiar. He knew that building there He knew that curv
  • Timeless Archive
    One of the unfortunate things about the internet is its ever shifting nature. Allows for always expanding amounts of information, but old information gets lost, possibly f
  • Gone, But Not
    The song echoed through his mind He hadn't known him that well, But the memories of others soon rose It all began to blur together, Until it mattered not how well he was k
  • Something Different
    Here I stand at the crossroads I can see the four winds The wind of the north, bringing a chill on it's breath The wind of the east, with the stories of the travelers The

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