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Well, the AC still isn't fixed, but it is somewhat cooler today outside so the temperature's not so bad. I was going to go work from the library, but I woke up too late to do that. 

First off, as I mentioned on the AnacondaSoftware forum, Spiral Island has been split into two titles for the XBOX version. Mind you, I read about the announcement of the changing price points last Friday, while my AC was out, and because of the burnout I literally did not come up with this obvious solution for hours, I just mulled over general anger about it because I wasn't really able to think it through.

That aside, the game still doesn't have the entire story. The game follows the main character exclusively, and doesn't give you any extrinsic information that is not known by Amy herself. This is actually the reason why there are two parts to the story, the happenings themselves, and then Amy trying to piece it together for her report without the missing information to explain how strange everything is. 

Collectively, with everything together, the entire storyline is told in a novel I'm working on. There were a couple reasons for withholding the parts that weren't centered on Amy. One of them was for some things that would be simply too difficult to pull off in the 2D format, but mainly I didn't want to dilute the importance of Amy's role. She is the focus of the story, after all, spending too much time on the others would then make a person think otherwise.

It would be a while before I finish writing the novel completely, so I'm not going to really go into it further right now. But I think a little after the game is finally released I'll post the introduction to it. I don't want to post it before because it does contain some spoilers for the storyline, and the game's introduction is a more abbreviated form of what I have written there.

Date posted: 29 July, 2009
Tags: novels personal spiral_island video_games writing
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