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Project Shovel

Then again, I could always change my mind.

It really was time I got the renewed AnacondaSoftware site uploaded, since it had been sitting pretty much done for a month now. So I finally did it, and it exposed a few things that I couldn't have seen from the test environment where i developed the theme. One of them I had to post a question on the PivotX site about, so I'll get that fixed up later next week, hopefully.

And with it, I changed my mind and decided to post the introduction to the novel, Spiral Island: Feint Innocence. This novel is the story of the game in it's most complete form, and I plan on coming back sometime later after releasing the game and remaking the game in this full form. Right now though, of course, the focus is getting it released in the Classic form, which, with some expansion of my vocabulary from the time I got out of High School altering the script some, is the way it would have been back when I was originally going to release it in 2003.

I originally started it some years ago, I don't know when, because at some point the file I was working on it disappeared completely. Just gone, I haven't found it on any of my old hard drives, and I haven't found it in any of numerous different backups. It simply vanished, taking with it the work I had done on it at that time. It was actually a long time before I decided to try rewriting it, because I wanted to finish searching everything before I gave up hope on finding it and having to do it again. Ultimately, I couldn't find it, so I had to start over.

Project Shovel is the codename for the novel itself. This means nothing more than my own pure amusement, and shouldn't be regarded as anything else. As it happened, late into the night when I was working on the restarted document, as tiredness crept in I saw the filename in my taskbar "SInovel.odt", and my eyes blurred it together. Continuing on, due to fatigue, I was wondering for several moments what the document was, because I didn't remember ever saving a file by the name of "Shovel.odt". I found it absolutely hilarious after realizing my mistake, and renamed the file accordingly.

Date posted: 31 July, 2009
Tags: anacondasoftware spiral_island video_games website_design writing
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