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Different, For Lack of the Same

The man worked at his desk
Minding his own business
The others didn't bother him
Because he got the work done
He did not need supervision
He did not need help
Several knew they could not answer
If he had a question he couldn't answer himself
So they left him to his work
Letting him listen to his music
But, as he worked, something seemed off
He wasn't sure what it was
Just something was not right
As he worked, he shuffled through his music
Becoming increasingly dissatisfied
Where was a song he wanted to listen to?
He loved the music,Yet today he did not like it
He needed something different
But wanted something familiar
He could not put his finger on it
The music he wanted to hear
It was music from long ago
Earlier in his life
But he did not know any names
He finally turned off his music
Realizing somehow, he had lost a piece of himself
A piece he did not know how to get back

Date posted: 12 March, 2010
Tags: music new_alexandria regularspelling writing
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