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So I figured out how to turn the build number into a date in Silverlight, so the next time I update the Text Adventure Experiment it will indicate when it was built by date. I am not going to do it yet, because that would be the only change in this build.

So far, I have no idea what I want to do as far as a story for the text adventure. I don't even know what genre I want to fit it in, to be honest with you. I just had the urge to put together something, starting with a framework, but of course without knowing what it will be telling it can't move very far. I've been spending most of my development time lately working on the roguelike I'm making, but after thats done I can't honestly say I will have any more idea of what I want to do once I have more time to work on the text adventure.

There's not really anything on my scratchpad of ideas in my wiki that would fit well as such, either. I could possibly do something related to the storyline of The Pocketwatch, but at this point it doesn't sound like that good of an idea (although I thought of adding multiple stories into this app as time goes on, so maybe one later on). I guess I'll just have to wait until I have some interesting dream that would be a good fit to adapt to a story such as this.

Date posted: 22 April, 2010
Tags: programming regularspelling video_games writing
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