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A Short Tale

There was once a man, a soldier, who wished to lead his country to victory in the face of invaders. The enemy was stronger, faster, and so the man went to make a deal with a devil. The devil told him, "wear this helmet, and I will grant you my power." The man put on the helmet, and his body was transformed, twisting and enlarging him so his form was somewhat demonic itself. He removed the helmet, and he returned back to his normal form. Elated, he accepted the devil's deal, and took the helmet to go into battle.

As a demon commander, he and his fellows made quick work of the enemy, until they finally retreated to leave the land in peace. No longer needing the demon form, he removed the helmet, only to find that he did not return to his normal body. When he went to confront the devil, he simply laughed. "You were foolish to trust that I would just let you have my power for free. Now your body is mine." The devil vanished, leaving the demonic commander stuck in his form. The people soon came to fear and avoid him. He could not live among the country he fought so hard to save, and was driven into exile.

Date posted: 23 April, 2010
Tags: regularspelling
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