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So here it is, This is my personal blog, and I'm going to comment on language here. Not just English, and not just human languages either.

A little about myself. I work in a call center, doing tech support. Involved in this is of course notation of calls, and in there I see some unusual slaughterings of the English language. I also hear some interesting things said vocally. In addition, I also moderate a fairly large tech forum, and belong to various other forums of varying purpose. Through this, I see other unusual things, from people not bothered to spell or write properly, and people who's native language is different than the language they're typing, causing some oddities caused by the difference in grammatical structure. As a hobby, I like to write, and I'm an independent Web/Graphic Designer and Software Developer specializing in video game development. I also study linguistic elements as a hobby.

I think I'll start out this blog by explaining the name of this site.

This morning, as I was signing in, a co-worker was directing a person over the phone to a website. I don't even remember what the site was at this point. Apparently this person wasn't sure how to spell the website. So, this co-worker reassured the person that there wasn't any unusual spellings, or hyphens in the domain name or anything. He did it with the following phrasing:

" (so and so site) dot com. Regular Spelling
dot com"

Are we really to a point of degeneration where everything needs to be spelled out? Do we just expect things to be not spelled correctly, so never assume that it's spelled exactly the way it is supposed to be spelled?

A couple other of the people who start at the same time as me and I laughed at this concept, "", especially when our jobs involved seeing everything but "regular spelling" for things. A quick check of domain availability, for humors sake, revealed that there was no such site as "".

And I promptly decided to change that, leading to what you find here.

Date posted: 25 May, 2007
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