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Just to see how this turns out, im going to type this entire entry with my gloves on, at full speed, and not do any corrections of mistakes. My hands are currently rfreezing, which is why im wearing gloves. nThis wont bne an easy taske iether, as its an instingct to back up and cotrrect anything i spelled incorrectly.

Itys now past halfway through the month, and i haventy really gotten much done in the way of writing. I wrote a small, rough section for Skewed whish I;ll gio back and correct before I post it. IC had meant to work on my ghost storyh soem more, but, just as last yhear, I havent done any work on it. Il'll talk about it itself in anoter entrym, with a link to the storuy sof ar.

I've neen working on restructiring how i spnd my time, and one of the things ive looked at is some voice rectognition npackagezs. Apparetly, the bses in the markeet is Dragon NaturalltSpeaking, but as I looked into getting that, i found tat the current version does nto support Vista x643, only 432-bvit versions of Visa. Sionce i m running Vista Ultimate x64, that is a prettuy big oproblem, and means I cannot use it. I sent them an email asking when a version that supportred x64 would be co mmming out, but their responce was little more thann :"the current versio n does not support x64""/

I habvent tried Vista's built-in voice recognition, as I havwent found a good wireless headset to use in conjunction with a setup yet, but I dont expec tit to be that much better than when it was frist dmeonstrated, as, if i crecall correctly, that wasn't very much earlier than Vista's Gold date.

And I can only imagine the chaos this ent4ry witll bring to the serach enginge results that will com e at the end o fhe month.

Date posted: 17 October, 2007
Tags: computer personal software voice_recognition
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