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Typing Gloves

Since apparently a lot of people hit my site this month for search results varying on the theme of my typing with gloves, I guess I'll go into them. There's not much too them, though, they're just simple knit gloves I got from Wal-mart last winter for driving and operating in the snow, because I wanted something thin so I could feel most of everything still while I was doing things, not cutting off the feeling going to my fingers completely like leather gloves would. They're thin, black knit gloves, and they were seriously only $2 at Wal-mart (funny anecdote, I don't carry cash with me so I was putting the purchase on my debit card, it was somewhere close to Christmas and the cashier joked that if I was putting that on a credit card she would just pay for them herself, because she thought that was a seriously ridiculous thing to put on a credit card).

I have to slow down a little bit when I'm typing so I don't fat finger the keys, but for the most part it's pretty easy to type with them on. I get funny looks occasionally though from coworkers or superiors that are in slightly different parts of the room that don't nearly get as cold as it does at my desk when I have them on.

Date posted: 30 January, 2008
Tags: computer internet
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