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Something Different (Continued)

The roads forced him down a new path
A path he didn't normally travel
As he went along the road, something was familiar.
He knew that building there
He knew that curve ahead
The vague memory of the path, but with no explanation
As he passed under a bridge
It all came back to him.
A path from the past
A road often traveled before
A flood of memories entered him
Things could have been different,
He hadn't pursued the paths that opened to him.
The girl he had grown close to then...
He shook his head
He could not change things from here
And that path was gone forever
The road took him back to his normal path
And he left the memories at the corner
That path
Was possibly better not traveled, he realized
It's ending
May not have been in his favor

Date posted: 31 January, 2008
Tags: new_alexandria regularspelling writing
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