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Kool-aid Redux

Some time back, somewhere between June and October of 2003, before I began working Tech Support, I was on the verge of working as a salesman. Not just any ordinary one, though, it was one of the predatory ones, CutCo. I actually wrote about it in my fake blog, From the computer of J. Millen.

Reading it now, its apparent the Kool-aid still hadn't worn off yet when I wrote that entry. Anyway, I was reminded of it just now reading letters of complaint about another company that uses the high-grade stuff in their Kool-aid, Kirby. And this gem here, clearly from one of their zombies, is just gold:

"You have probably had a bad day. you probably are not very smart. you seem like you are not a very assertive type person. it seem you have a hard time communicating with people when talking to them. I believe you are a very small individual and you are trying to make yourself feel better and bigger by hurting other people with your words by telling false and untrue stories. "

Now I'm half tempted to look for some more materials - and especially more training descriptions - for these and similar indoctrinating companies, because I plan on going into something similar later on in Skewed.

Date posted: 03 March, 2008
Tags: internet j_millen personal skewed
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