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It may just be my body protesting against my training schedule, but I doubt it, because this has been going on much longer than that.

This started after the change over to daylight savings time. From then on, I've had a problem waking up at the time I've wanted. My alarm clock sits on my dresser, at the head of my bed, easily reachable from my bed. The problem I've been having is I'd either hit the snooze button continually until another hour had passed, or, on some occasions, turned off my alarm, set it an hour ahead, and turned it back on. And, mind you, this is all done completely in my sleep, i never have any recollection of it happening.

A couple weeks ago, during my training, I had to unplug my clock. When I plugged it back in, I decided not to set it, to try and get out of that problem. Instead, I set my phone's alarm, and have been using that as my alarm clock. It sits on my desk in the charger, well out of reach so I have to get up from my bed and turn it off. And apparently, my sub-concious doesn't like this.

I had a dream this morning, that I was out somewhere. Near the end of this dream, before I woke up, a friend of mine needed to borrow my phone to make a call. I leant it to him, and he asked me about the indicator on my screen that the alarm was set. My response was, literally, "That's my alarm clock. It's going to go off soon and wake me up. You can turn it off if you want."

Clearly, my subconcious has another plan, and wants to keep me in the dream world.

Date posted: 10 04 08 - 16:21
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